Icons of Cyprus
A monumental publication by the Leventis Foundation which documents 2004 icons restored with the funding of the Foundation, between the years 1979 and 2018. The icons come from all bishoprics of Cyprus with the oldest painted in the 12th century and the newest in 1986. As such, the publication constitutes a unique cross section of hagiography on the island. The icons are organized by metropolis, bishopric, city/village and church/monastery and each is given a unique code in the book.

The publication is made up of three volumes. The first volume, printed in black and white on a special low thickness/weight paper, contains descriptions by Thekla Kalli and includes transliterations of all readable epigraphs on the icons. At the back of the volume, eight indexes categorize the icons in different ways, enabling the reader to gain a better understanding of hagiography though the centuries. The second and third volumes, printed in color, contain a photographic documentation of the icons. This has been the largest ecclesiastical heritage restoration project in Cyprus and Greece. The publication was overseen by the director of the Leventis Foundation, Charalambos Bakirtzis.

Academy of Athens award.