Cyprus Theater Organization. 1971–2021: Half a Century of Theatre. A Complete World
The book ” Cyprus Theater Organization: 1971–2021″ has been published on the occasion of the Organization’s fifty years of existence. The book is organized into five main sections: greetings/introduction, history, repertoire, theatrical development, and appendices. In the pages of the book, archival material and texts have been collected examining the contribution of the Organization locally and abroad, the most important productions in this period and a detailed account of the approximately five hundred productions that THOK stage so far. A flexible structure is adopted to organize the book and to allow each section to function independently so that the available material is put to its optimum use. The first four sections are printed on 150 gsm paper while the appendices section is printed on lighter stock. The cover and sleeve are printed in metallic ink on black uncoated paper, and the book is hardbound with a square.