The Story of Neophytos the Recluse
The book was produced to accompany an exhibition by the same name by the visual artist Lefteris Olympios. Τhe exhibition was organised by the Department of Antiquities at the village of Lefkara, birthplace of Neophytos. The works were accompanied by extensive texts written by Κatia Galatariotou, a researcher on the History of Byzantium and author of the book The Making of a Saint, on Saint Neοphytos. As with previous projects of Lefteris, the end result of the process was a unit of tightly knitted works. It is divided in 11 sections, each containing between three and five drawings, for a total of forty-four drawings. The book uses a rigorous structure based on the eleven sections of the project to organize the layout and rhythm of the pages. Bilingual in Greek and English.