Nice Dream
Nice Dream is a project by Nice Day, an upscale land developer that specializes in urban projects. Nice Dream located in a central location of Nicosia, is a mixed use building combining retail spaces on the ground floor, office spaces on the lower floors and apartments on the upper floors, with a common use floor housing a cafe and a gym separating the offices from the apartments.

The brochure’s structure starts with a brief presentation of Nice Day followed by an introduction to Nicosia, its history, its commercial and cultural life. It then follows the various sections of the building to describe the architectural intentions for each. The texts were produced after a discussion with the architect of the project. An extensive section is devoted to the presentation of the floor plans for all levels accompanied by some basic information for each unit and ends with the specifications of the building.

The cover takes its inspiration from the perforated facade treatment of the building utilizing a die-cut to punch out circular holes revealing the inside pages.