The English School, Nicosia. 1900–1960
The book covers the formative period of the English School from its founding by Canon Newham in 1900 until the end of the British Colonial period in 1960. In these sixty years the author, Kyriakos Demetriades, follows its humble beginnings from a house within the old town of Nicosia with a student population of 13 to a highly diverse and large institution with a population of around 400 students in 1960 which rose to 600 in 1963. The object of the book, as the author, an English School graduate himself, states in the introduction is to “expound the story … in a factual and historical manner.” Going through all available archives and being in the unique position to have experienced the school first hand the end-result is a lively recounting of the school’s approach to academics, sports and character development of its students.

Hard bound, 368 pages.