Robert McCabe visited the island of Mykonos on different occasions between 1955 and 1957 and captured a life still rooted in millennial traditions. At the time, it was a quiet island, still undisturbed from the levelling march of progress. There was no running water, one bus, little electricity.

Through the photos one gets a glimpse of a world that was about to disappear.

Through the photos, one gets the impression that people were part of nature, living in perfect harmony with it. In one, a person rests graciously on a ledge gazing towards Chora, not in a hurry to get anywhere, enjoying the moment. In another, an old woman with deep wrinkles that mark the adversities of life and the passage of time merges with the engraved wood of the iconostasis behind her. And in a third photo, reminiscent in composition, of a renaissance painting, a company of friends has gathered around the table at a festive occasion, their faces honest, austere and the food in front of them simple, coming from from what the land and sea could provide.

For this book, the photographs are reproduced in tritones and are accompanied by detailed captions for which Robert and his collaborators embarked on an almost impossible journey of trying to identify as many people as possible pictured in the photos.