The Body
A catalogue produced to accompany a temporary exhibition by the same name at the Cyprus Museum. Τhe catalogue offers a unique view into the rich archaeological heritage of Cyprus, ranging in date from the Neolithic to the early Byzantine period. Antiquities originating from archaeological sites throughout Cyprus have been brought together for the first time in an attempt to trace some of the lived experiences and identities attested in Ancient Cyprus. The main part of book follows the structure set by the curators of the exhibition, Eftychia Zachariou-Kaila and Efthymia Alphas. At the same it tries to incorporate in the structure of the book a) a parallel exhibition at the permanent collections rooms and b) an intervention in the temporary exhibition by contemporary artist Maria Loizidou. Τhe catalogue is divided in eight parts. It starts with the introductory texts and then follow five sections mirroring the structure of the temporary exhibition. These sections are punctuated at four random page spreads with images of the artwork from the contemporary intervention. The seventh section contains a text on the contemporary exhibition which is accompanied by single or double page photographs of the artworks as placed in permanent collection rooms of the Museum. The book ends with a list of all objects in the exhibition, a photographic index and an extensive bibliography. Published by the Department of Antiquities.

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