Engraving… Offering
The catalogue “Engraving … Offering: Engravings from Seven Cypriot Artists” was produced to accompany an exhibition by the same name at Gallery Gloria which was organized by the Central Cooperative Bank in the context of the Radiomarathonios 2016. The following seven artists belonging to the group Cypriot Engravers are participating with three works each: Evgenia Vasiloudes, Annie Erotokritou, Kyriakos Theocharous, Efkleides Papadopoulos, Stathis Paparoditis, Michalis Fantaros and Chrysanthi Farmaka. The introductory essay belongs to the art critic Margarita Kounnafi. The catalogue was printed on heavy uncoated stock a nod to engraving papers. The bookbinding was chosen so that the book opens flat and the act of turning the pages gives the sense that each has its own autonomy. The title is debossed, again a reminder to the subject matter.

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