Santorini is the second large format volume by american photographer Robert McCabe that documents life in the greek islands starting in early 1950s. As such it constitutes an invaluable record of the rugged life of the island before the large influx of tourists, that now visit the island every year, fundamentally changed its character. The photographs taken during repeated travels between 1954 and 1964 includes documentation of the island before the devastating earthquake of 1956 and its gradual change in the years to follow.

An essay by journalist and native Santorinian Margarita Pournara paints a vivid picture of life on the island at the time. A discussion between Margarita and volcanologist Evi Nomikou, another native of the island, helps us gain a better understanding of the geological forces that shaped Santorini and also gives us an insight into the psyche of the islanders that have to confront the volcano, its history, myths and legends every day.

Printed in tritone inks, clothbound with dust-jacket.