Michael Michaeledes
Michael Michaeledes was born in Cyprus in 1923. Already present in his earlier work is the co-existence of geometry and abstraction with representation which they will eventually subvert and leave behind to reach his most iconic works, which are the streched canvases. This publication is the most extensive and thorough documentation of Michael’s work to date, and includes a large selection of his works along with all the important texts written about them. The publication begins with a critical essay by the editor of the publication, Thalea Stephanidou along with a large number of photographs from the artist’s archive followed by a selection in chronological order of his most important works, reproduced in large format. These are followed by a conversation between the editor and Michael along with essays on his work by various art critics in juxtaposition with some of his most abstract works and the publication ends with an extensive index of his exhibitions and a brief biographical note. The publication is the latest addition in the series “Cypriot Artists” by the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation.