Leontios Machairas. Exegeses in Remembrance of Time and Place
The editor of the volume, Nadia Anaxagorou, selected a number of self-contained stories from the “Chronicle” by Leontios Machairas, with the aim to acquaint the reader with this important work of cypriot literature. The stories are accompanied by drawings by the artist Lefteris Olympios which were based on the excerpts. Bilingual edition with the english text taken from the R. M. Dawkins edition which in turn is based on the Venice manuscript

Exegeses Machaira-1Exegeses Machaira-2Exegeses Machaira-3Exegeses Machaira-4Exegeses Machaira-5Exegeses Machaira-6Exegeses Machaira-7Exegeses Machaira-8Exegeses Machaira-9