Kostas Argyrou: The endurance of archetypes
Monograph dedicated to the work of the artist Kostas Argyrou. Argyrou, a naif artist, from the time he took upon art until his death has produced a voluminous number of works. The book records a significant number of works from many private collections but mainly from the collection he had gathered before his death in a museum he created and left to the Cyprus State.

The art historian Eleni Nikita records the work of Argyrou from the beginning of his work to his last creations in an attempt to place Argyrou in a global context of artistic creation. The main section of the book is divided into the four main parts, materials/techniques that Argyrou used: stone, wood, mosaics, painting and glass etching, with the first three constituting the bulk of his work. The book ends with a detailed chronology. The book is printed on uncoated paper to emphasize Argyrou’s use of natural materials.