Ersi Demetriadou. Θύμησες Κερύνειας: Τα σχολεία της πόλης 1921–1974
The book is the result of a 17-year effort to gather and archive part of the photographic material that was rescued after the Turkish invasion of 1974. The unit that refers to the schools and which is published in this volume, is only a fragment of the digital archive that Ersi Demetriadou collected. The photographs have been organized chronologically starting in 1921 and ending in 1974. Through some systematic work most of the people have been recognized and their ames are listed next to each photo. In the publication besides the photos, there is a brief inintroduction describing the founding of the various schools of Kyrenia and four tables with the teachers that taught there along with the number of students attending each year.