Digitalis / The Roads of Hereafter
The Republic of Cyprus took part at the 12th Cairo Biennale represented by two independent selections/ teams. The first team was comprised of Lara Alfas, Maria Loizidou and Eleni Mouzourou and participated with the work “Digitalis”. The second participation was Gioula Chatzigeorgiou’s work “The Roads of Hereafter”. Τhe publication documents the work of the two teams. With the aim to present both participations on an equal basis and because the Biennale was taking place in a country were reading is accomplished by moving from right to left the book was designed to have two sides. One side functions as the cover of the first participation and the other side functions as the cover for the other participation. This game of separating the two continues taking advantage of the fact that Gioula’s participation was a presentation of three videos and prints a black background with only the video images being visible along with the accompanying text by Maria Marangou which is printed in white. In contrast the section devoted to the Digitalis participation retains the use of black text and images on white paper.