For many decades a publication called Iatrosophikon (published in 1925) was known mostly to local people having an interest in traditional remedies. This publication was based on a manuscript kept at the Machairas Monastery library.The present Iatrosophikon was initiated in an effort to translate this publication in english so that a wider audience interested in the folklore medicine of Cyprus as practised in the 19th century and before would have access to it. While doing research for the present book it was discovered that the 1925 edition was an edited version of the original and furthermore that the original handwritten text was not no longer available in the monastery library. What we found was a handwritten copy of the original, which upon comparisson with notes of visitors who had access to the original before it was lost, the copy deviated from the original at several points.We decided with this new edition to keep as closely as possible to the manuscript at hand so as to bring to the reader a typographic fascimile of the original. It was also decided to include all remedies and entries from the 1925 edition which were not not present in the available manuscript. In this way we wanted to present as complete a set of remedies as possible. This forms the main part of the publication. An equally important and voluminous part consists of a scientific identification the plants and their derivatives mentioned in the book. The book was published by The Anastasios G. Leventis Foundation. It was edited by Andreas Demetriades. The texts were translated by Kyriakos Demetriades and the identification of plants was done by Georgios Hadjikyriakos.

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